Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
American  Center for Law and Justice-- Jay Sekulow - fights for Christians rights
Ankerberg Theological Research Institute
Answers In Genesis--Ken Ham
Apprising Ministries--Ken Silva
Berean Research--Marsha West & Amy Spreeman
Berean Call--David Hunt & T.A. McMahon
Berit Kjos Ministries
Bible on the Web
Bible Study Aids
Christian Answers
Christians Answers for the New Age--Marcia Montenegro
Christian Classic Books
Christian Computer Art-- clip art and more
Christian Counseling--Rick Thomas
Christian Homeschool Forum
Christian Interactive Network
Christian Mysticism
Christian Apologetics and Research Ministries--Matt Slick
Christian Research Institute--Hank Hanegraaff
Classical Christian Education--homeschooling
Cults & Heretical Teaching
Culture Watch--Bill Muehlenberg
Cyber Library--seminary library
Daily Devotional/study--Mike Ratliff
Dallas Theological Seminary Library
Deception In the Church
Discernment Ministries International
Early Church Fathers
Eden Communications--a ministry of Films for Christ
Greek and Hebrew Lexicons
Herescope--heresies and false teaching
Homeschool Resources
Home School Legal Defense Fund Association
Institute for Creation Research
Internet Christian Library
Josephus - the works of Flavius Josephus
Journal of Adult Training Programs-Resources-Materials

Justin Peters Ministries--Word of Faith heresy
Kids Devotional
Lambert Dolphin Resource Files
C. S. Lewis Homepage
Lighthouse Trails Research
Logos--Bible software
Mission Resource Directory
Mormonism/Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
New Age Movement/New Thought/Spirituality
Peninsula Bible Church Reference Library --Ray Stedman sermons
Proclaiming the Gospel--Roman Catholic Resources
Purpose Driven Church Resources--Willow Creek, Saddleback
Religious Hate Site on the Web - a WICCAN webpage devoted to documenting "religious bigotry which resides on the net."

Spurgeon Library
Stand to Reason--Greg Koukl
Ray C. Stedman Library   
Surveys--George Barna
Tabletalk Online--R. C. Sproul
Urban Legends--check out email spam -- is it true of false?
John Wesley Center
What is the Gospel?
Who is God?
Who is Jesus Christ?
Who is The Holy Spirit?

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